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GENFREI GEHEN II from Berlin to Bruxelles starts on June 18, 2009

By Joseph Wilhelm, Executive Director

Thanks to the tremendous encouragement from different sides, we decided to continue our GENFREI GEHEN initiative with a second tour from Berlin to Bruxelles.

Looking back, we observed that the public perception of our first tour from Lübeck in Northern Germany to Lindau in the South increased more and more after the event. We also noticed that many people in the organic trade still lack awareness for the GMO- menace. GMOs not only threaten the existence of all species and beings on our planet and their diversity, but in a special way also organic agriculture and the organic food industry.

The main goals of the new tour from Berlin across Germany, with a detour through the Netherlands and through Belgium all the way to Bruxelles are to increase the public perception, to raise awareness and to emphasize the importance of taking a stance against genetic engineering in agriculture. The initiative is not a simple protest against this technology, but it uses walking as a way to encourage people to become active and to take the initiative for a future worth living. Consequently, we see the initiative as an "in favour demonstration” for a future without genetic engineering in agriculture and the food industry.

The highly-praised coexistence of conventional, organic and genetically manipulated agriculture does not exist. Genetic engineering creates an irreversible reality with the harvests ultimately ending up on our plates.
GENFREI GEHEN II will start in Berlin with a big kick-off event on June 17, 2009. We are planning to start the march from the Castle Charlottenburg on June 18.

The route itself passes through beautiful landscapes and many historical places and towns such as Wittenberg, the "Town of Luther”, Eisenach with its famous Wartburg Castle, and the towns of Marburg or Bonn where many international organizations are located. The anticipated arrival in Bruxelles will be on July 30. The preparations for the tour are underway and it is already foreseeable that we can count on the support of many people, companies and organizations from Germany and the neighboring European countries.
Information about the tour is available on our special website: www.genfrei-gehen.de

We would like to invite you to come to Berlin and participate in this historical event. I am looking forward to see you in Berlin.

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