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Press Releases 2009

"Genfrei Gehen“ starts in Berlin – Come and join us!

[Legau, May 2009] Joseph Wilhelm is waiting in the wings. After the great success of „Genfrei Gehen“ in 2007 the bio-businessman will embark on another march for a GMO-free world. Together with other organic pioneers he wants to hold up the torch of the organic industry and bring the GMO topic into the public view during the hot phase of this year’s election campaign. An overwhelming majority of the German people – approximately 75 percent – rejects genetically manipulated foodstuffs.

Press Release Genfrei Gehen 05.05.09 (35 KB)

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Say yes to GMO-free food and a GMO-free agriculture!

Genetic engineering creates an irreversible reality with the harvest ending up on our plates. Join us and let us set an active, positively constructive example for a GMO-free Europe.

Download (58 KB)

For an organic future: "Genfrei Gehen" (GMO-free march) from Berlin to Brussells
Come and hike with us

[April 2009] We all agree that genetic engineering represents a massive danger to organic farming and the organic food industry. The vast majority of Germans, approximately 75 %, reject genetically engineered foods. (Government) politics ignore this fact and politicians are inactive and indecisive. It is still not too late to stop the spread of GMOs in Europe. A large variety of activities can force our politicians to revise their opinions and start acting on our behalf. [...]

For an organic future: Genfrei Gehen (GMO-free march) from Berlin to Brussells (74 KB)

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